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Air Purifier

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Ultra HD Antenna

Ultra HD Antenna | $19.95

…free? With the Ultra HD Clear Vision Antenna, you can easily access Hi-Def sports games, movies, shows, news and other broadcasts right out of the air and onto your HDTV all for free! Stop spending hundreds of dollars on useless channels you never watch. As seen on TV, the Ultra HD Clear Vision…
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Kool-Down Evaporative Cooler

Kool-Down Evaporative Cooler | $44.95 $32.95

…with cold water and turn it on for ultra cooling action no chemical or compressor needed. Great for bedroom, family room, kitchen or office. Features quiet 2 speed fan, water level gauge, adjustable air vents and non-skid feet. Cools up to 7 area. Portable. Uses 4 C batteries (not included). 5x6x9.
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WORX AIR Multi-Purpose Blower As Seen On TV

WORX AIR Multi-Purpose Blower As Seen On TV | $99.99

Quickly clean off your outdoor spaces with the WORX AIR. The angled, long tube gives you the access the hard to reach places, such as underneath furniture, decks or carsacts as a blower and a sweeper.
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Solar Auto Fan Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Solar Auto Fan Buy 1 Get 1 Free | $29.90 $14.95

…Auto Fan safely and efficiently helps rid your parked vehicle of stale air even on the hottest summer days, while your windows remain securely closed. The solar-powered fan blows hot air out as it draws fresh air in. Recommended to have opposite side window opened a crack for better ventilation.…
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Air Compression Leg Wraps

Air Compression Leg Wraps | $79.95 $54.95

Pamper calves, ankles and feet like never before! The Air Press Leg Massager is the ultimate leg and foot massage. Helps calms and soothes aching, tired muscles. The massage boots inflate and deflate, gently squeezing and releasing the muscles. Massaging away fatigue, stiffness and soreness. Helps…
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Decora Room Humidifiers

Decora Room Humidifiers | $29.95 $18.95

Humidify dry air naturally with Decora Room Humidifiers. Dry winter air can be tough on respiratory passages, skin, plants and even furniture can dry out. Decora Room Humidifiers as seen on TV are stone humidifiers that put moisture back into the air through natural water evaporation. Just fill the…
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Magic Mesh - Magnetic Screen Door Cover - As Seen On TV

Magic Mesh - Magnetic Screen Door Cover - As Seen On TV | $14.95

…closed behind you using 18 strategically placed magnets. So if your hands are full, or if you have a forgetful family member, you can still let fresh air in and keep annoying bugs out! It goes up in seconds with no tools required and stays up all season long. Plus, it folds up for easy storage. Fits…
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Air Curler

Air Curler | $14.95 $9.95

…full, bouncy curls in second with the Air Curler. Air Curler, as seen on TV, spins your hair like a tornado to dry and curl your hair in seconds. Air Curler is easy to use and healthier for your hair than curling irons or hot rollers that can burn hair. Air Curler is like having a hair dryer and…

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SideSleeper Pro Air

SideSleeper Pro Air | $29.95

…you sleep with the SideSleeper Pro Air Neck & Back Pillow. The patented design of this ergonomic pillow cushions and cradles your body as you sleep, for a soothing rest that protects your body and provides maximum comfort. As seen on TV, the SideSleeper Pro Air Neck & Back pillow not only naturally…
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Vintage Hot Air Balloon

Vintage Hot Air Balloon | $89.95

…world? Hot air balloons that can be propelled through the air rather than simply drifting with the wind are known as thermal airships. There's terrific detail in this "Vintage" hot air balloon model. The balloon is made of metal so it will never deflate. It is handmade and painted in vintage hot air

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Contour Cloud Cool Air Pillow

Contour Cloud Cool Air Pillow | $54.95

…of air with the revolutionary Contour Cloud, Cool Air Edition Pillow. As seen on TV, the Contour Cloud, Cool Air Edition Pillow is uniquely designed to pamper your face on a cooling layer of air, giving you refreshing relief all night long. Don't get stuck sweating the heat this pillow is 99% air!
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NuWave Brio Digital Air Deep Fryer.

NuWave Brio Digital Air Deep Fryer. | $119.95

Air Deep Fryer. Making healthy, delicious meals just got easier with the NuWave Brio Air Deep Fryer as seen on TV. By combining hot air with high-speed air circulation, the NuWave Brio Air Fryer perfectly cooks all of your favorite fried foods. Now you can bake, roast, grill, broil, toast and air
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