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Stream Clean Seen on TV

Stream Clean Seen on TV | $9.95

Stream Clean the powerful stain and spot carpet cleaner from the makers of Urine Gone. Just point and spray and let Steam Clean do all the work. Triple enzyme action cleans deep to eliminate stains and odors fast! No Bending, No Scrubbing! Just spray and walk away. Stream Clean as seen on TV works…

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Insta Lift

Insta Lift | $10.95

…Insta Lift works by breaking down the molecular bond between the paint and the surface without damaging the surface. Just a few sprays and the paint is gone. Insta Lift cleans surfaces like counter tops, metals, glass, tiles, brick, vinyl, marble, fiberglass, siding and more without harsh solvents…
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Rejuvenate Restoration Kit

Rejuvenate Restoration Kit | $21.95

Make Over Your Entire Home in Minutes with Rejuvenate Restoration Kit! Rejuvenate Restoration Kit, The Home Improvement Wonder Restorer And Protectant REJUVENATE BRINGS IT BACK! Rejuvenate Restoration Kit, The Home Improvement Wonder Restorer And Protectant 2" Rejuvenate Restoration Kit, The Home…

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FabriClear | $19.95

…plant-based, bio-degradable solution is safe to use around children and pets. Works great on beds, pillows, cushions, duvet covers, carpets, rugs, curtains and furniture. Keep your loved ones bite-free with Fabri Clear! Includes 16 fl. oz. spray and 2 fl. oz. travel size spray. Buy FabriClear today!
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Rejuvenate Soap Scum Remover

Rejuvenate Soap Scum Remover | $8.95

No more scrubbing with Rejuvenate Soap Scum Remover you just spray and rinse soap scum is gone. Rejuvenate Soap Scum Remover is a non-abrasive, bleach free formula designed to instantly cleans glass, ceramic tile, plastic, chrome, porcelain, stone & more without scrubbing. Remove tough soap scum on…
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Dunbar Leather & Shoe Restore

Dunbar Leather & Shoe Restore | $9.95

clean, shine, and protect leather all at once with Dunbar Leather & Shoe Restore. Instantly restore beauty to faded leather belongings. Why bother with multiple colors of smelly, messy polishes. Dunbar Leather & Shoe Restore is odor free and works on all leather colors. Just spray and wipe to clean,
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Turbo Jet Power Washer

Turbo Jet Power Washer | $19.95

…Turbo Jet as seen on TV puts the power of a professional power washer in your hands! Simply connect the nozzle to any hose and you can instantly clean second floor windows, dirty decks, grimy patios, and mud that has been caked onto your car, instantly! The secret is Turbo Jets built-in pressure…

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Mighty Blaster - As Seen On TV

Mighty Blaster - As Seen On TV | $19.99

…up to 50 percent more power than traditional nozzles! That means you can blast away leaves and debris from your driveway in seconds, keep your house and vehicles clean with power-spraying yet also gently water plants and flowers AND it shuts off with ease. It's the only nozzle you'll ever need!

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Windshield Wonder - Fast And Easy Windshield Cleaner

Windshield Wonder - Fast And Easy Windshield Cleaner | $9.95

…handle and a pivoting head to make windshield cleaning faster and easier than ever. What's more, you don't even need window cleaning spray. The scientific microfiber cleans spotlessly with just plain tap water. Windshield Wonder better window cleaning without straining your back. Buy Windshield…

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Blaster Brush

Blaster Brush | $34.95

…traditional flow through wash brush. The secret is the patented Blaster Brush instead of water flowing through the brush it blasts from powerful spray nozzle above the brush head allowing you to blast away the heavy dirt in seconds before scrubbing. Features on/off switch, telescoping pole (extends…
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Riddex Quad Pest Repelling Aid

Riddex Quad Pest Repelling Aid | $29.95

…wiring into a pest repellent force field. Riddex Quad creates a hostile environment for pests, causing them to leave your home no dead pests to clean up. And it discourages other pests from entering your home. Just plug in the Riddex Quad and it immediately starts paying for itself. A single Riddex…

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Dutch Glow Cleaning Tonic

Dutch Glow Cleaning Tonic | $14.95

…multi-purpose cleaning product is highly concentrated 1 bottle of concentrate makes 8 bottles of cleaner. Simply spray the solution directly onto greasy pots, pans, cooktops, oven doors and more then wipe clean. For your toughest messes, let the solution sit for a few minutes to allow the cleaning
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