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Clever Cutter

Clever Cutter | $14.95

Cut your prep time and get even, perfect slices with Clever Cutter, the must-have handheld kitchen tool that makes food prep a breeze. As seen on TV, the Clever Cutter quickly and safely slices and chops foods for perfect pieces without any mess. The 2-in-1 knife and cutting board features a…
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Aero Knife

Aero Knife | $9.95

The incredible Aero Knife is as light as air, cuts like a razor and NOTHING sticks because it has holes in it for 60% less surface area... so food doesnt stick. Also the Aero Knifes hole means less friction when you cut so it glides through any food effortlessly. The Aero Knifes micro edge blade…
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Miracle Blade World Class Ceramic Knife Set

Miracle Blade World Class Ceramic Knife Set | $32.95 $29.95

…will last! 3" World Class Ceramic Paring Knife and Sheath - Perfect for prepping the apple snack you were eyeing; peel the skin off and trim and seed it with panache. Make a decorative fruit platter or cut up lunch snacks with this paring knife, ideal for detailed trimming, peeling and mincing.…

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Ceramic Knives Set

Ceramic Knives Set | $19.95

Knife Set. Peel and cut veggies and fruit in flash. Slice meat, cheese and more. The razor-sharp blades never need sharpening and will not rust. About 6 5/8 long with ergonomic handles, each come with protective sheath to help maintain sharpness. Designed for use on wood, bamboo or plastic cutting

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Sensei Slicer

Sensei Slicer | $9.95

…for carving meat, slicing and dicing veggies, fruit, cheese, even slicing bread. Sensei Slicer the knife of choice for professional Sushi Chefs Japanese inspired Chefs knife for the sharpest cutting edge Sharpened on one side for the sharpest edgeIntegrated air holes for a non-stick surfaceGrip dots…
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Mighty Shears

Mighty Shears | $9.95

…slice right through tough surfaces. Twist the Mighty Shears apart and use as a knife or for easy cleaning. This ingenious multi-tool comes with a wire stripper, vegetable peeler, cutting blades, bone cutter, knife, fish scaler, nut cracker , jar opener, screwdriver, bottle opener all-in-one! Mighty…
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