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Foot Warmers

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Thermo-Slim Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Thermo-Slim Rechargeable Hand Warmer | $19.95

Thermo-Slim Rechargeable Hand Warmer keeps your hands warm all day. The Thermo-Slim Rechargeable Hand Warmer, as seen on TV, provides just enough heat to maintain comfort throughout the day. Unlike other hand warmers, the Thermo-Slim Rechargeable Hand Warmer can be used over and over because it has…

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Foot Angel

Foot Angel | $12.95 $9.07

Foot Angel all-day relief for achy heels and feet! Foot Angel as seen on TV is the anti-fatigue compression foot sleeve that helps improve circulation and reduce swelling. The secret is Foot Angels Heavenly 7 Zone Design that provides targeted compression ball, arch, plantar fascia, heel and ankle…

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Pedicure Foot Scrubbing Brush

Pedicure Foot Scrubbing Brush | $19.95 $13.97

Foot Scrubbing Brush reduces bending when scrubbing feet. The Pedicure Foot Scrubbing Brush makes it easy to reach the bottom of your foot. The silicone brushes softly scrub tops of toes and the pumice stone gently smoothes away rough skin while the short bristles scrubs the back on the foot.

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Himalayan Salt Magnetic Detox Foot Patches

Himalayan Salt Magnetic Detox Foot Patches | $9.95

Himalayan Salt Magnetic Detox Foot Patches are foot patches with 100% natural ingredients helps to draw out unwanted body fluids and toxic waste through your feet while you sleep! Himalayan Salt Foot Detox Patches, seen on TV, help promote a healthy pH balance and help improve circulation. Himalayan…

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D-Tox Foot Spa By BioEnergiser - The Official Site Of

D-Tox Foot Spa By BioEnergiser - The Official Site Of | $89.95 $62.97

…Bio-Energiser D-Tox Spa starts the process of rebalancing your bodys bio-energy, positive and negative ions. Using a special low-sodium salt, the detox foot spa helps re-vitalize and detoxify your body with just one 30 min. treatment per week. It helps drain deposits from lymph glands, sweat glands,…

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Pink Armor Nail Gel

Pink Armor Nail Gel | $9.95

Strong, beautiful nails fast with Pink Armor Nail Gel, as seen on TV. Pink Armor is the thick, protective gel coat that gives you stronger, longer, beautiful natural nails! The protein rich keratin gel penetrates deep down to repair and strengthen, while the optical brighteners make the nail tips…

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Migi Nail Art Kit Neon

Migi Nail Art Kit Neon | $24.95 $14.97

"Salon nail design results are easy with the Migi Nail Art Kit! Draw your own designs on finger & toe nails with 8 colored nail polish pens. Each pen includes a brush and a fine pen tip for each color, allowing you to brush on a base coat and then create amazing detailed designs. Doing your nails…
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Bioenergiser Consumable Kit

Bioenergiser Consumable Kit | $29.99 $19.99

Rebalance your body's BioEnergy. The Detox Foot Spa Consumable Kit includes replacement coil, bowl liners, low sodium sea salt and measuring spoon!

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Go and Glow Stretchkins

Go and Glow Stretchkins | $19.95 $4.97

…each foot, that are activated when your child moves. Just slip your feet into the Stretchkins' foot pockets and dance the night away to light up the lights. The adorable plush animals promote healthy, active fun and children of all ages will love playing with the cute characters. Features:Each foot

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K9 Chill Cooling Collar

K9 Chill Cooling Collar | $9.95

…temperature. The hotter it gets, the harder they have to work to keep themselves cools. Dogs just want to chill and they need extra help during the warmer months to keep them staying cool As seen on TV K9 Chill is the comfortable and safe way to combat overheating, reduce fatigue, prevent heat…

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Wrap Slippers

Wrap Slippers | $19.95 $4.97

…features hook and loop closures that opens to accept you foot then secures with a press and the polyester velour covered memory foam cradles your feet. Features slid resistant soles. Wrap Slipper as seen on TV. Ideal for those with foot troubles, diabetes or just tired, tender feet. Imported.…

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Walkfit Platinum Orthotics

Walkfit Platinum Orthotics | $19.95

…the foot to the correct position and strengthening the heel and ankle, WalkFit Platinum orthotic insoles evenly distribute the weight over the foot. They help relive discomfort and pressure on the foot, leg and spine to relieve pain in the ankle, knee, hip and lower back. These foot relief…

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