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French Fry Cutter

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Clever Cutter

Clever Cutter | $14.95

Cut your prep time and get even, perfect slices with Clever Cutter, the must-have handheld kitchen tool that makes food prep a breeze. As seen on TV, the Clever Cutter quickly and safely slices and chops foods for perfect pieces without any mess. The 2-in-1 knife and cutting board features a…
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Veggetti Pro

Veggetti Pro | $24.95

…this amazing accessory. Use on carrots, radishes or cabbage for a beautiful, delicious salad or spiral slice sweet potatoes for crispy, healthy fries. The tool is dishwasher safe and comes with a recipe book to get you started. The healthy meal possibilities are endless with the convenient Veggetti…
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Red Copper 5 Minute Chef

Red Copper 5 Minute Chef | $39.99

…than a toaster oven. It cooks beef and pork juicy while cutting cooking times in half. Even make stuffed fried chicken with no fuss and no mess. Tackle quick desserts, sear sirloin, and fry hash browns. Red Copper 5 Minute Chef even bakes biscuits quicker than preheating an oven! A perfect solution…

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Wallet Ninja - 18 Tools That Fit In Your Wallet

Wallet Ninja - 18 Tools That Fit In Your Wallet | $9.99

…treated steel the Ninja Wallet has a lifetime guarantee and is 100% TSA approved for onboard use. The Ninja Wallet stealth shape allows it to comfortably fit into any wallet just like a credit card. Tools included are: Can opener, bottle opener, hex drivers, screwdrivers, ruler, box cutter and more!

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Square Copper Pan Pro

Square Copper Pan Pro | $49.95

…durable copper dish. As a special offer, receive a steam and roast rack for delicious roast dinners and a fryer basket so you can deep fry favorites like french fries and hot wings. Enjoy discovering all the delicious meals you can make with this versatile pan with a special Square Copper Pan Pro…
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True Blood: Vol. 03 - The French Quarter (Hardcover)

True Blood: Vol. 03 - The French Quarter (Hardcover) | $24.99 $5.00

The sequel to the first New York Times best-selling True Blood miniseries, "All Together Now." Mind-reading waitress Sookie Stackhouse is in New Orleans, helping Vampire Sheriff Eric Northman track down an insane killer named Guerra. Bill Compton's in town, too, making sure Eric doesn't get fresh…

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The Multi-Cut 3-in-1 Cutting Tool

The Multi-Cut 3-in-1 Cutting Tool | $34.99

…3-in-1 cutting tool is the most versatile cutting tool that everyone should have! Multi-Cut combines a powerful cutter great for cutting through rope, wood, leather, rubber; a wire cutter great for cutting copper wire, aluminum steel wire; and a retractable utility knife, ideal for cutting boxes,…

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Reheatza Microwave Crisper

Reheatza Microwave Crisper | $39.99

…and leftover pizza, grilled cheeses, chicken nuggets, and much more! Heats up to 400 F and is capable of browning and searing food - just like a frying pan. The secret is the microwave energized heating pan that converts microwave energy into conductive heat. BPA-free and safe for most microwaves.…

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Red Copper Square Dance Pan

Red Copper Square Dance Pan | $19.99

Transform your cooking experience with the as seen on TV Red Copper Square Dance Pan, the scratch-resistant frying pan featuring a non-stick surface so powerful, food simply dances right off! Its also infused with 100% pure copper and is engineered with anti-scratch technology to resist the toughest…

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Duck Commander Miss Kay Bobblehead

Duck Commander Miss Kay Bobblehead | $24.95 $4.97

…revered matriarch of the Robertson clan is Miss Kay! No one can keep those boys in line like her. From her jambalayas and banana pudding to her fried deer steak and sticky frogs legs, she is known for making her family home cooked meals! Show the world youre a fan of this lovely lady with the Miss…

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Red Copper Square Pan

Red Copper Square Pan | $59.99

…Square pan resists the toughest punishment and food never sticks, ever! Order now to receive the amazing Red Copper Square Pan with tempered glass lid, steamer / roaster rack and frying basket for just $59.99 plus free shipping and handling. Plus, Cathy Mitchells Quick Dinners and Desserts cookbook.

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Simply Straight

Simply Straight | $39.95

…bristles that lift hair at the roots. Simply brush hair, Simply Straight delivers gentle, even heat around each strand. No more flattening or frying your tresses. Tame the frizz and enjoy perfect volume, detangling and brilliant shine every day! Perfect for straightening curly or frizzy hair.…

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