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Garden Hose Attachment

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Turbo Jet Power Washer

Turbo Jet Power Washer | $19.95

…Washer turns any hose into a power washer! Blast away dirt, grime , mold from wood, aluminum and vinyl siding, concrete, brick stone and so much more. Turbo Jet as seen on TV puts the power of a professional power washer in your hands! Simply connect the nozzle to any hose and you can instantly…

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Spring Jet Coiled Hose

Spring Jet Coiled Hose | $29.95 $24.95

…your garden hose after each use. The Spring Jet Coiled Hoses ultimate recoil memory allows you to extend to its full length and then it retracts to its original compact form. Durable hose construction is resistant to harsh UV rays from the sun, abrasion, overstretching and kinks. 50 hose features…

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Pocket Hose Dura RibII

Pocket Hose Dura RibII | $19.95

Pocket Hose is the lawn care breakthrough that changed garden hoses forever, and now the number 1 selling expandable hose in the world has been made even better - introducing the new Pocket Hose Dura-RibII as seen on TV! This NEW and IMPROVED version has all of the same qualities you loved, but is…

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Pocket Hose Ultra As Seen On TV

Pocket Hose Ultra As Seen On TV | $12.99

Pocket Hose Ultra is the portable, compact hose that expands to a full-sized hose but weighs less than a pound! It's gentle enough to water your garden and strong enough to hose down your patio, porch, and driveway or pool area. And when you're done, just turn the water off and Pocket Hose Ultra…

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Garden Joy Garden Kneeler

Garden Joy Garden Kneeler | $19.99

…knees. Now you can garden for hours in complete comfort. Garden Joy is great anywhere around your home where you need to kneel down. Simply flip Garden Joy over and you've got a comfortable seat, so you can, prune and pick your vegetables, or simply enjoy your garden. Garden Joy folds flat, so it's…
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LED Kitchen Garden

LED Kitchen Garden | $299.95

…With the LED Kitchen Indoor Garden, you have settings for five plant types and three grow phases, along with the ability to select sunrise or sunset grow settings. The LED Kitchen Garden lets you experience the joy of worry-free, all-season gardening. The LED Kitchen Garden's superior LED grow light…
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Pocket Hose Holder

Pocket Hose Holder | $14.95

Pocket Hose Holder
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Roll N Grow - Shady Garden

Roll N Grow - Shady Garden | $19.95 $9.95

…N Grow is now available in Shady Garden assortment. Includes all new flower mix to assure you achieve great results even in low light areas. Roll and Grow the easy way to have a beautiful flower garden without all the hard work and effort. Create your garden in two easy steps roll out and water.…
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Butterfly Garden - Grow Your Own Beautiful Butterflies

Butterfly Garden - Grow Your Own Beautiful Butterflies | $19.99

…from caterpillar to adult butterfly takes about three weeks. The Live Butterfly Garden Includes: Pop-up, reusable 11.5-inch tall mesh habitat perfect for butterfly viewing Feeding Pipette Complete Live Butterfly Garden Instructions A certificate for a cup of 5 live caterpillars that is redeemable…
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Pocket Hose Top Brass - As Seen On TV

Pocket Hose Top Brass - As Seen On TV | $19.99

Pocket Hose Top Brass is the easiest, lightest most convenient hose you will ever use. Simply connect, turn on the water and watch Pocket Hose Top Brass, as seen on TV, expand into an ultra-flexible, full size hose that is impossible to kink. When you turn the water off, it automatically contracts…

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Awesome Nozzle

Awesome Nozzle | $30.00 $19.95

garden or pressure wash your car or RV. The one hand operation allows you to turn the pressure of your garden hose from 40 PSI to 240 PSI. Turns your garden hose into a pressure washer, wash second story windows and siding the top of your RV safely without dragging out a ladder. It is the last hose
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PusH2O | $14.95

…your outdoor water faucet on and off with just a push of a button with the PusH2O. The PusH2O as seen on TV dual design allows you to hook up 1 or 2 hoses to 1 spigot, then just press the button to turn water on or off no more struggling and water control at your fingertip. The secret is the no drip…
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