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Dial Vision

Dial Vision | $19.99

IT'S LIKE HAVING TWO PAIRS OF GLASSES IN ONE! Dial Vision as seen on TV are the world's first glasses you adjust to give you crystal clear vision. Dial Vision, developed in Oxford, England by top optical scientists. Using the professional eye chart included, simply turn the dials to adjust each lens…

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HD Vision Night Wraparounds

HD Vision Night Wraparounds | $9.95

…reduce eye strain and glare from headlights, streetlights and traffic lights in wet or dark conditions. Plus, these fashionable Euro-style wraparounds fit easily over your prescription glasses, or can be worn alone! Perfect for men or women. Lightweight. . Buy HD Vision Night Wraparounds today!

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Red Shift XT Tactical Glasses

Red Shift XT Tactical Glasses | $15.99

Reduce glare and enhance colors. Blocks 100% of UVA, UVB and harmful violet-blue light up to 400 nm wavelength. Super secure fit, especially under wet conditions. Uni-lens design gives you a full 180 view. Ultra lightweight design. Impact resistant frames.

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Big Vision Glasses

Big Vision Glasses | $19.95

…splinters will seem effortless with these Big Vision glasses. The flexible, lightweight Big Vision glasses are wearable over prescription glasses, contacts or sunglasses and don't require an eye exam or prescription. Set includes:Big Vision glasses Details:Eyewear enlarges objects by 160 percentNo…

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HD Vision Wraparounds

HD Vision Wraparounds | $9.95

Glasses! If you wear glasses, you need HD Vision Wraparounds! Youll be amazed at the enhanced clarity the high-definition lenses provide. HD Vision Wraparounds, as seen on TV, are lightweight, durable sunglasses that fit over your prescription glasses. Can also be worn without prescription glasses.

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Night View NV Glasses - Cut Down The Glare

Night View NV Glasses - Cut Down The Glare | $9.95

Night View NV Glasses turn fuzzy and dull into clear and bright, especially at night. Night View NV Glasses cut down the glare from headlight and streetlight, reducing eye strain. The secret is the specially coated yellow lenses that block night time glare. Everything will look brighter and clearer.…

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Lazer Bond Liquid Resin Glue

Lazer Bond Liquid Resin Glue | $19.99

…an airtight, watertight seal that can support up to 350 pounds. Apply Lazer Bond to porcelain, plastic, leather, copper, wood, vinyl, metal, PVC, glass and much, much more. Unlike sticky glues Laser Bond never hardens in the container. Save money on all kinds of repairs. Today, you get Lazer Bond…

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Eagle Eyes Sunglasses - Extremes

Eagle Eyes Sunglasses - Extremes | $59.95

See more clearly and dramatically reduce glare and reflection instantly. Eagle Eyes patented triple-filter, polarized lenses block all harmful blue, violet and ultraviolet light to help preserve and enhance your vision. Wear them year-round to see better in sun, smog, haze, snow, rain and overcast…

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Engrave It | Engraving Tool

Engrave It | Engraving Tool | $9.95

The Engrave-It engraving tool allows you to engrave nearly anything you can imagine on almost any type of surface: wood, metal, plastic, leather, glass, personal devices, computer and much more. Do you know that Law enforcement won't return stolen property unless its identifiable? Use Engrave It as…

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Brighter Viewer

Brighter Viewer | $14.95

…provides instant illumination. It's ideal for reading detailed charts, recipes or labels and can make tricky, intricate tasks, such as tightening glasses, a breeze. For added convenience, the Brighter View is free standing and rotates 180 degrees, so you can position for the best angle for any task.…

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My Cleaning Secret by Simoniz

My Cleaning Secret by Simoniz | $9.95

…is safe and easy to use and you dont need gloves or protective gear, even when cleaning your oven! Easily cleans stainless steel, brass, copper, glass cooktops and more. You can even wipe away rust thats been building for years without using chlorine bleach. My Cleaning Secret is safe and effective…

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Fresh Tops

Fresh Tops | $12.95

…stretch easily over serving bowls, dishes, jars, can and mug to seal tight for secure fit helping to keep food fresher longer. Works over plastic, glass, metal, or ceramic contains. Ideal for leftovers, unfinished drinks and more. 100% food grade silicone. Dishwasher and freezer safe. Set fits any…
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