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Ronco Six Star+ Cutlery 30-pc Knife Set

Ronco Six Star+ Cutlery 30-pc Knife Set | $99.95

…Large Fillet Knife Bread & Bagel Knife Chef Knife Saw Knife Boning Knife Sportsman Knife Chop & Serve Knife Cheese Knife Ronco RockerTM Cleaver Carving Fork Utility Paring Knife Small Paring Knife Garnish Knife Steak Knives (12) Kitchen & Poultry Shears Sharpener w/ Stone Grinder Hardwood Block

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Ceramic Knives Set

Ceramic Knives Set | $19.95

What kitchen would be complete without this handy Ceramic Knife Set. Peel and cut veggies and fruit in flash. Slice meat, cheese and more. The razor-sharp blades never need sharpening and will not rust. About 6 5/8 long with ergonomic handles, each come with protective sheath to help maintain…

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Miracle Blade lll Knives Perfection Series 11 pc. set

Miracle Blade lll Knives Perfection Series 11 pc. set | $24.95

…the Miracle Blade III Knives has the right knife for every job. Miracle Blade lll Knives Perfection Series 11 pc set - the last knives you will ever need! Includes: 2 Miracle Blade Slicer 1 Rock n Chop 1 Fillet and Boning Knife 1 Chop n Scoop 1 Paring Knife 1 Kitchen Shears 4 Steak/Utility Knives

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Sensei Slicer

Sensei Slicer | $9.95

Sensei Slicer chefs knife ideal for precision cutting and thin slicing. Most traditional knives in our kitchens are double-beveled , or sharpened on both side. The as seen on TV Sensei Slice is single-beveled, or sharpened on one side to create a stronger, sharper blade. This Japanese inspired…
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Swifty Sharp | Motorized Knife Sharpener

Swifty Sharp | Motorized Knife Sharpener | $14.95

knives, hedge shears and more. This incredible motorized knife sharpener includes a safety slot for different functions and has a removable attachment for all your sharpening needs big or small. Features:Ideal for chef knives, carving knives, bread knives, steak knives, paring knives, filet knives,

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Miracle Blade World Class Ceramic Knife Set

Miracle Blade World Class Ceramic Knife Set | $32.95 $29.95

…strength and incredible durability. World Class Ceramic Knives as seen on TV ultra sharp blade and lighter weight allows for a more controlled hold and straighter slicing. Unlike steel knives that cause oxidation, World Class Ceramic Knives easily slice any food while preserving the beauty, taste…

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OXO Grape & Small Tomato Slicing Guide

OXO Grape & Small Tomato Slicing Guide | $15.00 $9.97

Halve small fruits in half the time with the OXO Good Grips Grape and Small Tomato Slicing Guide! The Slicing Guide can hold up to 1 cup of small fruits such as grapes or cherry tomatoes, allowing you to halve them with a single slice. The non-slip base keeps the Guide steady, and the walls flex to…

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OXO Utility Cutting Board Black

OXO Utility Cutting Board Black | $14.99 $9.97

…and the solid side for vegetables to prevent cross contamination. Or, use different colored boards for different tasks at hand. The Utility Cutting Board is made of durable, non-porous, odor-resistant polypropylene that resists deep scratches and wont dull sharp knives. Boards are dishwasher safe.

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OXO 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

OXO 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer | $9.99 $6.97

Split, pit, slice and scoop avocados safely and effectively with the OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer. The plastic blade easily cuts through the skin and fruit of the avocado, without being sharp to the touch. The pitting tool allows you to quickly remove the pit with a simple twist no more…

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Clever Cutter

Clever Cutter | $14.95

…excess scraps making your kitchen a mess. The convenient Clever Cutter opens wide for larger foods, such as baguettes, and has power-pressure handles that automatically open for quick, effortless slicing. Make food prep fun and easy with this versatile kitchen tool. Chops and slices in…

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Rotato Express

Rotato Express | $24.95

The Rotato Express peels potatoes, fruits and vegetables in seconds with just the push of a button and it stops automatically when peeling is finished. Makes dinner preparation easier with no waste or effort. Safe and easy to use with a non-slip base that holds it securely to counter tops or other…

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