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Bacon Boss

Bacon Boss | $19.95

…revolutionary Bacon Boss cooker turns your microwave into a restaurant-style bacon press, delivering flat, crispy, juicy bacon as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just load into the Bacon Boss, crank the rotating handle on the tempered glass lid, and cook for succulent strips! The cooker features a raised grill…

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Egg-Tastic | $12.95 $9.95

…eggs with just one simple tool in your microwave the Egg-Tastic egg cooker. No need to mess with fry pans, spatulas, or getting the temperature just right on the stove. With the Egg-Tastic, just mix your egg in the ceramic cooker, place it in the microwave, and cook for a minute for delicious…
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Rapid Ramen Cooker

Rapid Ramen Cooker | $9.95

…Ramen Cooker the fastest and easiest way to cook Ramen Noodles! The Rapid Ramen Cooker as seen on TV cooks perfect Ramen noodles in the microwave in only 4 minutes! Patented reservoir design provides perfect heat distribution. Side edges of cooker stay cool so it's easy to remove from the microwave.
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Potato Express

Potato Express | $9.95

…potatoes in just 4 minutes with Potato Express. Potato Express as seen on TV is the fastest, easiest way to cook perfect oven baked potatoes in the microwave. The secret is the unique insulation design that creates a steam pocket to give your potato just the right amount of moisture; you will have a…
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Rapid Mac Cooker

Rapid Mac Cooker | $12.95

The Rapid Mac Cooker is the fastest and easiest way to cook perfect Mac & Cheese in the microwave in minutes. No need to fuss with boiling water, draining macaroni or messy pots. Rapid Mac Cooker as seen on TV is easy to use just pour macaroni into Rapid Mac Cooker, add water, microwave for a couple…

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Rapid Rice Cooker

Rapid Rice Cooker | $12.95 $9.95

…the creators of Rapid Ramen (as seen on TV show, Shark Tank), the Rapid Rice Cooker will make fluffy instant/minute rice in 3 minutes! Great for the office, dorm or home.Cook PERFECT instant/minute rice in the microwave every time! Set of 2.No more pots, pans, or waiting for water to boil! Make…
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Easy Eggwich

Easy Eggwich | $9.95

Easy Eggwich is the fast, easy microwave egg cooker that creates perfectly cooked eggs in just one minute. The Easy Eggwich secret is the unique steam dome design that circulates heat and locks in moisture to cook moist, fluffy eggs every time, perfect for breakfast sandwich or muffin! Non-stick…

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Bacon Wave

Bacon Wave | $14.95

New Technology Cooks Bacon in Microwave... Faster, Healthier, Crispier & It Tastes Great Too! The Bacon Wave is fast, healthy, and with no mess! The Bacon Wave Cooks Bacon With Less Fat, Less Calories, And Less Cholesterol! The Bacon Wave Cooks 14 Slices at a Time and is Dishwasher Safe The Bacon…

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