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TV Listener J3 Extra Headset

TV Listener J3 Extra Headset | $29.99

…transmitter. Requires 2 AAA rechargeable batteries (included). TV Listener Wireless, lightweight, adjustable headset with soft, cushioned ear pads Transmits signal up to 33 feet Works independently of TV speaker Works with any TV, stereo, or audio device Uses infrared, wireless technology so there…

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The Stealth SSA

The Stealth SSA | $39.99 $29.99

…handle that fits snuggly over the ear. Sharp style has directional amplification to help you hear what you have missed the most. Includes rechargeable batteries and UL listed charger so the Stealth S.S.A. lasts all day! Whether youre in the theater, watching TV, listening to sounds of nature or just…

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WaxVac Ear Cleaner - Gentle And Effective Ear Cleaner

WaxVac Ear Cleaner - Gentle And Effective Ear Cleaner | $9.95 $5.95

WaxVac ear cleaner is the safe and effective way to clean and dry your ears! The WaxVac secret is safe and gentle suction. Simply attach the Wax Vac silicone tip and insert in ear. Cotton swabs push waz and debris futher into the ear, which can damage the ear drums. WaxVac, as seen on TV, gently…
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MSA 30X Sound Amplifier - Discreet Sound Amplifier

MSA 30X Sound Amplifier - Discreet Sound Amplifier | $29.95 $19.95

…embarrassed by large, unsightly amplifiers. MSA 30X, as seen on TV, is a discreet sound simplifier that is lightweight and comfortable. The MSA30X magnifies sound up to 30 times! The clear tubing of MSA 30X fits the contour of the ear making it almost invisible. Enjoy a movie or show without missing…

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Ultra HD Antenna

Ultra HD Antenna | $19.95

…direction to get you free broadcast TV without any added fees or monthly contracts. The 7.75-inch antenna can hide behind flat screen TVs and takes up little room, compared to old-fashioned bunny ears. The indoor antenna sets up in seconds to your digital TV with no tools needed. Get the Ultra HD…
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Star Trek Spock Ears

Star Trek Spock Ears | $5.99

You make a logical point there. Our favorite Mister Spocks pointy ears are the most obvious indicator of his half Vulcan half human heritage. These iconic ears are a must for any Spock costume.

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GoGo Pillow

GoGo Pillow | $19.95

GoGo Pillow transforms from a tablet pillow to a travel pillow in seconds! The Go Go Pillow, as seen on TV, is perfect for those on the go. The patented multi-slot design holds any size tablet securely. The attached straps allow you to use the GoGo Pillow as a backpack to take your tablet with you…
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Hide Away Pets - Foldable Stuff Animals - As Seen On TV

Hide Away Pets - Foldable Stuff Animals - As Seen On TV | $19.95 $12.97

…exciting adventure! Hide Away Pets are soft to the touch and wonderful for cuddling. Perfect for bedtime, playtime any time. Hide Away Pets as seen on TV the cute, foldable stuffed animal that kids love. 15 tall. Select 1 or adopt all 4 - Persian Kitten, Siberian Husky, Lop Eared Bunny and Hedgehog!
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MicroTouch Switchblade

MicroTouch Switchblade | $19.95

…Features precision snap on guides for superior control. MicroTouch Switchblade as seen on TV is great for keeping side burns, mustaches and beards razor sharp. Perfectly grooms bushy eyebrows and removes unsightly ear hair. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). Includes MicroTouch Switchblade and…
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Flipeez | $19.95 $6.97

…Just squeeze the tassel and watch as they flip into action. The ears flap, the tails wag and the arms open. Made of acrylic knit with a soft fleece lining for extra warmth. One size fits most kids and teens. 9" x 15". Imported. Flipeez seen on tv hats with attitude! Kids of all ages love Flipeez.
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SideSleeper Pro Air

SideSleeper Pro Air | $29.95

…wake up refreshed and revived for the next day. Includes one pillow and one pillowcasePatented design cushions and cradles to reduce stiffnessMicro Air Beads cool air flow for a refreshing sleepImproves postureGreat for reading, watching TV, traveling or just relaxingIncludes an ear well for comfort
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ELAJ Eczema Cream

ELAJ Eczema Cream | $19.95

Soothe your soreness and other eczema symptoms with the natural healing Elaj Skin Protection Cream. As seen on TV, the intensive moisturizing ointment oxygenates and rebalances pH levels in the skin to help relieve peeling, dryness, itching, roughness, redness and burning caused by eczema. Get the…

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