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Hollywood Detox Body Wrap by Verseo

Hollywood Detox Body Wrap by Verseo | $29.95 $24.95

Wraps also helps break down cellulite, reduce stretch marks and tone and tighten loose skin. In just an hour skin will feel softer and smoother than it ever has. The Verseo Detox Body Wrap draws toxins out of your body that are often stored in and around your fat cells. Besause of the way the wrap

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Fix It Tape

Fix It Tape | $19.95

…anything. It holds like steel yet stretches like rubber. Quickly and easily create an air tight, water tight seal. So simple to use just stretch, wrap and it's fixed! Works on wet, dry, oily or dirty surfaces. Leaves no sticky residue behind. Easily fix damaged cords, quickly seal leaky pipes,…

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Air Compression Leg Wraps

Air Compression Leg Wraps | $79.95 $54.95

Pamper calves, ankles and feet like never before! The Air Press Leg Massager is the ultimate leg and foot massage. Helps calms and soothes aching, tired muscles. The massage boots inflate and deflate, gently squeezing and releasing the muscles. Massaging away fatigue, stiffness and soreness. Helps…

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Fresh Tops

Fresh Tops | $12.95

Make any container airtight with Fresh Tops. Tired of trying to find a lid that fits, or fighting with plastic wrap or foil? Fresh Tops as seen on TV are the perfect answer, they stretch easily over serving bowls, dishes, jars, can and mug to seal tight for secure fit helping to keep food fresher…
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Migraine Relief Wrap

Migraine Relief Wrap | $9.95

…with the Migraine Relief Wrap. Ease the throbbing pain and pressure naturally without the use of drugs. The reusable Migraine Relief Wrap is specially designed with gel-filled beads that conform to the shape of your head for maximum therapy and relief. Simply heat the wrap in hot water or chill…

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L-Pillow | $34.95

…maintains the optimum side sleeping position. While its quality construction and premium polyester filling ensures long lasting comfort and durability. Wrap your arms around one side of the pillow while resting your head comfortably on the other to keep your neck, shoulders and upper body naturally…

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Color Doctor Blood Pressure Monitor

Color Doctor Blood Pressure Monitor | $39.99

…ONE leading cause of heart attacks and strokes. Monitoring your blood pressure is vital to maintaining your good health. With Color Doctor, simply wrap the cuff comfortably around your wrist, press the start button and, in less than one minute, Color Doctor will give you a CLEAR AND ACCURATE blood…

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Simply Straight Professional

Simply Straight Professional | $59.95 $49.95

…power of a flat iron with the gentle styling ability of a brush to perfectly smooth and style hair quickly and easily. The secret is its bristles wrapped in ionic rose gold tourmaline ceramic, used in top salons across the industry, which lift hair at the root and deliver gentle heat around each…

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Pocket Hose Holder

Pocket Hose Holder | $14.95

…stretch or expand the hose when empty or not under water pressure. Hose will snap back if stretched and released and may cause serious injury. Hose wrapped around neck may cause serious injury or death. For general outdoor use only in applications under 80 psi. Do not use this hose for commercial…

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Simply Straight

Simply Straight | $39.95

…Simply Straight Ceramic Brush quickly heats up to 450 degrees. But unlike harsh flat irons it wont damage your hair. The secret is in the ceramic wrapped bristles that lift hair at the roots. Simply brush hair, Simply Straight delivers gentle, even heat around each strand. No more flattening or…

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Eagle Eyes Sunglasses - Extremes

Eagle Eyes Sunglasses - Extremes | $59.95

See more clearly and dramatically reduce glare and reflection instantly. Eagle Eyes patented triple-filter, polarized lenses block all harmful blue, violet and ultraviolet light to help preserve and enhance your vision. Wear them year-round to see better in sun, smog, haze, snow, rain and overcast…

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