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Hollywood Detox Body Wrap by Verseo

Hollywood Detox Body Wrap by Verseo | $29.95 $24.95

Wraps also helps break down cellulite, reduce stretch marks and tone and tighten loose skin. In just an hour skin will feel softer and smoother than it ever has. The Verseo Detox Body Wrap draws toxins out of your body that are often stored in and around your fat cells. Besause of the way the wrap
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Pocket Panini

Pocket Panini | $14.95

…of bread, then close and heat for 30 seconds on each side. Not only will the insides be deliciously melty, but the outside edges will be sealed so sauce wont leak out! Features: Non-stick Dishwasher Safe Easy to store Use indoors or outdoors Use with any bread, pita, or wrap Includes a recipe guide

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Wraptastic Deluxe - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Wraptastic Deluxe - Buy 1 Get 1 Free | $31.99 $9.95

wrapping food super easy. Wraptastic, as seen on TV, wraps food in a flash, simply load plastic wrap, wax paper or foil then pull, press, wrap! Cuts perfectly every time so theres no waste! Features hidden blade that cuts safely and easily. The non-slip rubber feet holds Wrap tastic in place. Wrap
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Migraine Relief Wrap

Migraine Relief Wrap | $9.95

…with the Migraine Relief Wrap. Ease the throbbing pain and pressure naturally without the use of drugs. The reusable Migraine Relief Wrap is specially designed with gel-filled beads that conform to the shape of your head for maximum therapy and relief. Simply heat the wrap in hot water or chill…
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Turbie Twist - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Turbie Twist - Buy 1 Get 1 Free | $9.95

…so it is lightweight, not bulky like a bath towel. The unique non-slip twist and loop system stays in place. The Turbie Twist is attractive, functional, and so comfortable that using bath towels to wrap your hair becomes obsolete. Features: Easy to UseComfortableSuper AbsorbentLoosk Chic Saves Time
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Knee Support with Zipper

Knee Support with Zipper | $9.95

…for stiff, weak or injured knees. Designed with form-fitting, flexible Quadstretch material and a zip closure with hook and loop for a snug fit. Zip closure make the knee wrap easy to put on and take off. Helps reduce swelling . Neoprene/nylon. Washable. Knee circumference S/M: 12 14.5 L/XL: 14.5-17
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Fix It Tape

Fix It Tape | $19.95

…anything. It holds like steal yet stretches like rubber. Quickly and easily create an air tight, water tight seal. So simple to use just stretch, wrap and it's fixed! Works on wet, dry, oily or dirty surfaces. Leaves no sticky residue behind. Easily fix damaged cords, quickly seal leaky pipes,…
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Click N Curl

Click N Curl | $49.95

…Curl let you dry, style and curl your hair in one simple step. Click N Curl is the fast, easy way to get professional styling results at home. Just wrap your hair around the brush barrel roller. Press the release button on the brush handle and leave the barrel roller in place. Then attach the next…
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Fresh Tops

Fresh Tops | $12.95

Make any container airtight with Fresh Tops. Tired of trying to find a lid that fits, or fighting with plastic wrap or foil? Fresh Tops as seen on TV are the perfect answer, they stretch easily over serving bowls, dishes, jars, can and mug to seal tight for secure fit helping to keep food fresher…
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Red Fusion Heat Wrap

Red Fusion Heat Wrap | $19.95

…Hot! Red Fusion Heat Wrap is the new breakthrough for soothing warmth where and when you need it! Just snap the activation disc to trigger the Crystal-Fusion reaction. Use the Red Fusion Heat Wrap, as seen on TV, anytime, anywhere. In seconds, the Red Fusion wrap transforms from room temperature…
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Wrap Slippers

Wrap Slippers | $19.95 $12.95

…adjustable Wrap Slippers by ProFoot. Perfect for people with sensitive or swollen feet. The soft straps features hook and loop closures that opens to accept you foot then secures with a press and the polyester velour covered memory foam cradles your feet. Features slid resistant soles. Wrap Slipper…
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Halloween Door Wrap

Halloween Door Wrap | $34.95

…Halloween Door Wrap the fun, easy holiday door dcor. Mydor wrap is a two-sided fabric door wrap that features two unique and colorful designs. Transform any standard door (78to 82 tall) in sixty seconds and four easy steps. Step 1 drape the wrap over the door. Step 2 pull one side of wrap under the…
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