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Zipper Fix

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Tush-eez Cushion

Tush-eez Cushion | $14.95

…helps eliminates painful pressure on your tailbone, and the gently sloping wedge shape helps to correctly align your spine. As Seen On TV Comfortable foam cushion is 16x14x3 and features soft fleece cover with non-skid back and zipper opening for easy washing. Ideal for home, office and travel.

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Pet Cave Pet Bed

Pet Cave Pet Bed | $49.95 $39.95

…on TV, is designed to give your dog or cat a cozy place to stay warm. The Pet Cave, the ultra plush 5 thick bed, is 25 in diameter, features a zipper domed top, ultra plush Sherpa fabric lining and machine washable polyester cover. The Pet Cave Pet Bed is like having a luxurious sleeping bag for…

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Popup Pet Bungalow Bed

Popup Pet Bungalow Bed | $39.95

…TV Popup Pet Bungalow. Or push the top down to make a nest-style bed to give your pet a more comfortable bed. The non-slip bottom and removable, zippered foam pad inside makes this bed easy to use and clean. Features:Pop the top of the bungalow up for more privacy for your pet, or push the top down…

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Slick Fix

Slick Fix | $12.95 $4.97

Slick Fix super-dry lubricant. From the maker of Flex Seal comes Slick Fix, seen on TV, new advanced formula makes everything it touches slide and glide, stops squeaks, all without the wet sticky mess! Slick Fix reduces surface friction and lasts for months. It is odorless, greaseless oil free and…

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Fix It Tape

Fix It Tape | $19.95

…So simple to use just stretch, wrap and it's fixed! Works on wet, dry, oily or dirty surfaces. Leaves no sticky residue behind. Easily fix damaged cords, quickly seal leaky pipes, permanently patch garden hoses. The uses are absolutely endess for Fix It Tape! Order today and you will receive a…

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5 Second Fix

5 Second Fix | $19.95 $9.95

Fix, fill, repair and seal virtually anything in 5 seconds or less with 5 Second Fix, as seen on TV. 5 Second Fix is a super powered liquid plastic welding compound that you can use to quickly and easily make permanent seals and repairs. Unlike glue and common adhesives 5 Second Fix lets you…

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Furniture Fix - Lift And Fix Your Sagging Chairs And Sofas

Furniture Fix - Lift And Fix Your Sagging Chairs And Sofas | $14.95

Furniture Fix the quick fix for old sagging furniture. Save money and your furniture. Weak sagging springs lead to uncomfortable sagging furniture, Furniture Fix as seen on TV provides instant support to sagging springs. So why throw out our favorite chair or sofa when you can renew it and…

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Compression Socks

Compression Socks | $24.95 $16.97

Compression Socks with easy pull zipper for ease putting on and taking off, provide pressure to help improve blood circulation to help relieve tired swollen ankles and legs. The open toe design keeps pressure off your toes. Non-medical compression. Rating comparable to 23-32 mmHg. Nylon/spandex with…

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Flex Seal Colors

Flex Seal Colors | $14.95

…is the quick way to coat, seal and stop leaks fast. Flex Seal Colors as seen on TV combines liquid rubber bonding in an aersol can, allowing you to fix any leak almost instantly. Just spray on. Flex Seal Colors is perfect for gutters, roofs, pipes and nwo arts and craft projects. It's water proof,…
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Hamper Hoops by WHAM-O

Hamper Hoops by WHAM-O | $19.95

…it, dirty clothes fall into handy hamper and not on the floor. When hamper is full remove it from the net and straight to the laundry room features zipper for easy clothes removal. Remove hamper and now you have a basketball hoop anywhere theres a door. Hamper Hoops over the door basketball hoop and…

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Night Stars Holiday Celebration Series

Night Stars Holiday Celebration Series | $99.95

…lighting system contains interchangeable images for every celebration from winter snowflakes to festive fireworks with options to display in a fixed position or at 1 of 3 different motion speeds. Ideal for entertaining, the Holiday Charms can be projected on interior or exterior walls, dance…
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Activity Belt

Activity Belt | $9.95 $6.97

Activity Belt, the stretchable, on the go belt that hold what you need. Made with two expandable, zippered pockets that are perfect for storing your phone, wallet, keys and more leaving your hands are free. The Activity Belt as seen on TV is comfortable, light weight and stretchy so it moves with…

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