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The Multi-Cut 3-in-1 Cutting Tool

The Multi-Cut 3-in-1 Cutting Tool | $34.99

…3-in-1 cutting tool is the most versatile cutting tool that everyone should have! Multi-Cut combines a powerful cutter great for cutting through rope, wood, leather, rubber; a wire cutter great for cutting copper wire, aluminum steel wire; and a retractable utility knife, ideal for cutting boxes,…
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Rotorazer Saw

Rotorazer Saw | $149.95

…thumb-controlled power switch and a safety switch that keeps the blade guard locked until you're ready to cut. It comes with three quick-change razor sharp cutting blades (diamond, tungsten, and steel) to cut shallow, medium, or deep, thanks to its adjustable blade guard. With the Rotorazer you can…

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SpeedOut - Screw Extractor - Removes Any Stripped Screw

SpeedOut - Screw Extractor - Removes Any Stripped Screw | $29.95 $9.97

…stripped or damaged screws fast and easy. SpeedOut is a drill and extractor in one tool, if you can use a drill you can use the SpeedOut. Simply drill out the damaged area with the patented cutting end then flip the tool around and the extracting end pulls the screw out. The SpeedOut can remove…

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Clever Cutter

Clever Cutter | $14.95 $11.96

Cut your prep time and get even, perfect slices with Clever Cutter, the must-have handheld kitchen tool that makes food prep a breeze. As seen on TV, the Clever Cutter quickly and safely slices and chops foods for perfect pieces without any mess. The 2-in-1 knife and cutting board features a…

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Veggetti Pro

Veggetti Pro | $24.95

…the Veggetti Pro still for confident cutting. Cut calories and have pasta on a gluten free diet with this amazing accessory. Use on carrots, radishes or cabbage for a beautiful, delicious salad or spiral slice sweet potatoes for crispy, healthy fries. The tool is dishwasher safe and comes with a…
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Shed Ender

Shed Ender | $9.95 $4.97

Shed Ender is the de-shedding tool that removes shedding hair trapped in your pets undercoat. The Shed Ender as seen on TV specially designed head grabs and removes the loose shedding hair, revealing your pet's shiny, healthy top coat. It does not cut the hair or hurt your pet. Your pets will love…

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Dutch Glow Cleaning Tonic

Dutch Glow Cleaning Tonic | $9.95

…farmer to clean his tools, Dutch Glow Cleaning Tonic, as seen on TV, is pure, simple and powerful. When the farmers wife saw how well it cut through grease, she started to use it in her kitchen and was amazed by the results. It works miracles on virtually every kitchen surface cutting through grease…

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Ultimate Auger - Makes Yard Work Easy!

Ultimate Auger - Makes Yard Work Easy! | $29.95

The Ultimate Awesome Auger is the best tool for making yard work easy. This yard auger breaks through hard dirt and clay, cuts through thick roots and powers out rocks and stumps. It's a great auger for planting bulbs, trees, and shrubs, digging post holes, removing weeds, aerating soil, tilling,…

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Chopped Cutting Board by JK Adams

Chopped Cutting Board by JK Adams | $24.00 $4.97

…the preeminent American manufacturer of high-quality wooden cutting boards. For over 65 years, cooks and entertainers have relied on J.K. Adams to outfit their kitchens and homes with the most innovative culinary tools. Every J.K. Adams product is made by hand in Vermont using sustainably-harvested…

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All Open

All Open | $14.95

…minimal effort. Replace a drawer full of various openers for this one tool that serves functions. Without any moving parts, the tool works easily and without risk of breaking. A must have for every kitchen - All Open also cuts down on space in your kitchen drawer and looks great, too. Its stunning…
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Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit | Free Liquid Stitch

Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit | Free Liquid Stitch | $20.98 $10.99

tool, Applicator Practice vinyl, Backing fabric Complete instructions (closes list) Liquid Invisible Stitch for rips, tears, cuts in just about any type of material. Waterproof and permanent. Its called Liquid Stitch because this repair adhesive is just like an invisible repair job for rips, cuts,

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Knot Out

Knot Out | $14.95

Knot Out electric pet grooming comb is the ultimate pet grooming tool! As seen on TV Knot Outs powered rotation blades safely remove tangles and mats with just a touch of a button. Recessed blades comb and cut out tangles without coming in contact with pets skin. Knot Out leaves your pets coat…

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