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riddex pest repelling aid

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Riddex Plus - Plug In Pest Repeller

Riddex Plus - Plug In Pest Repeller | $19.95 $14.95

…invisible pest repelling force. Riddex Plus Pest Repellers patented microprocessor uses electromagnetic technology to creates an uncomfortable, irritating environment for pest that helps drive those pesky pests right out of your house. Pests are not killed they just leave. Riddex Plus Pest Repeller

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Dutch Glow Scratch Aid

Dutch Glow Scratch Aid | $9.95

Scratch Aide as seen on TV is the perfect match for any scratch. Quick and easy to use - it goes on clear and absorbs the existing stain color making scratches instantly disappear. You'll also recieve Wood Butter to fill and coneal cracks and gouges. Great for hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets, wood…

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Grout Aide Markers Special Offer

Grout Aide Markers Special Offer | $25.90 $19.90

Grout Aide Marker is the safe, easy way to refresh or change the color of grout by covering up stubborn grout stains. Grout Aid dries rapidly, and leaves a clean, uniform grout line without harsh chemicals-completely odorless-no fumes! Grout-Aide is easy to use. Just follow grout lines with marker.…

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Rodent Sheriff

Rodent Sheriff | $9.95

Rodent Sheriff pest repellent scares off rats, mice, squirrels, and other rodents. Rodent Sheriff as seen on TV is made in the USA from a handcrafted peppermint formula thats revolting to mice, rats, squirrels and other rodents. Yet youll love the fresh minty scent and it is safe around children and…

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FabriClear Fast Trap | Bed Bug Trap

FabriClear Fast Trap | Bed Bug Trap | $12.95

FabriClear Fast Trap is the safe, simple, sanitary way to traps and kills bed bugs. Bed bugs are turning up in homes, hospital, hotels, college dorms. Now you can protect your family from those blood-sucking bugs with FrabriClear Fast Trap as seen on TV a safe, non-toxic way to kill bed bugs and…

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Breathe Active Sleep and Snore

Breathe Active Sleep and Snore | $14.95

Is your snoring keeping those around you awake? Stop snoring with Breathe Active Sleep and Snore and you both can sleep easy. Breathe Active as seen on TV widens the nasal passages increasing airflow and allowing you to breathe better. Breathe Active is a tiny nose piece made of soft, comfortable…

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Vortex Electronic Insect Trap

Vortex Electronic Insect Trap | $39.95

Say Good-Bye to pesky insects – forever with the Vortex Electronic Insect Trap. UV light along with Titanium Dioxide mimics humans scent attracting insects, the powerful vacuum action sucks them into a cage - never to be heard from again. No zapping and popping. It's fast, safe, effective and…

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The Stealth SSA

The Stealth SSA | $39.99 $29.99

The Stealth S.S.A. is the revolutionary sound amplification system that is affordable and discreet. Designed to look like an expensive cell phone earpiece, the Stealth S.S.A. will allow you to stylishly hear sounds of nature. Its lightweight and compact, so you wont even feel like youre wearing it.…
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Long Reach Comfort Wipe

Long Reach Comfort Wipe | $9.95

…shape of the Comfort Wipe helps those with limited dexterity. The Comfort Wipe's soft flexible head grips toilet paper, tissue or pre-moistened wipes securely while its ergonomic design reaches were you can't. This ultimate toilet aid contains a unique release button for fast, sanitary disposal.

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Sagemcom Digital Cordless Phone With Free Additional Handset

Sagemcom Digital Cordless Phone With Free Additional Handset | $84.90 $49.95

The Sagemcon digital cordless phone system features a large 2" display, speakerphone on handset, 100 entry phonebook, backlit keypad, hi-fi ringtones and is hearing aid compatible. Purchase one handset with base and get an additional handset for free.

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D680C Additional Handset

D680C Additional Handset | $34.95

…with the Sagemcom D680C. Enjoy HD hands free. A sophisticated design offers a backlit color display and keypad plus a graphical icon menu for intuitive navigation. Features Large 2 backlit color display Speakerphone on handset 100 entry phonebook Backlit keypad Hi-Fi Ringtones Hearing Aid Compatible

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Twin Draft Guard Ultimate

Twin Draft Guard Ultimate | $12.99

…the ideal solution for drafty doors and windows. The new, double-sided insulator is 50% bigger with microfleece water repellent fabric; specially designed to retain heat and repel moisture making heating and cooling your home or office more efficient. The microfleece fabric cover is durable and easy…

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