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Veggetti - Spaghetti Maker - Turn Veggies Into Healthy Spaghetti!

Veggetti - Spaghetti Maker - Turn Veggies Into Healthy Spaghetti! | $14.95

Veggetti turns veggies into healthy spaghetti! Veggetti as seen on TV is the fast, easy way to turn veggies into delicious spaghetti in seconds! Zucchini and squash are healthier than traditional pasta and have a delicious taste and perfect texture when sliced in the Veggetti! The Veggetti as allows…

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Mattress Genie Twin

Mattress Genie Twin | $129.95

Mattress Genie Twin turns any mattress into an adjustable bed. Mattress Genie Twin adjustable bed wedge elevates the head the mattress to an angle that best suits your needs. Mattress Genie, as seen on TV, helps with acid reflux, heartburn or indigestion. Can help ease breathing, congestion and…

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Veggetti Pro

Veggetti Pro | $24.95

…a healthy twist on one of your favorite family dinners, with delicious pasta made from veggies with the Veggetti Pro. Enjoy the mouthwatering taste of spaghetti without all the carbs thanks to this versatile, multi-tasking kitchen tool. Just slide in the customizable blade, insert your veggies or…

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PusH2O | $14.95

Turn your outdoor water faucet on and off with just a push of a button with the PusH2O. The PusH2O as seen on TV dual design allows you to hook up 1 or 2 hoses to 1 spigot, then just press the button to turn water on or off no more struggling and water control at your fingertip. The secret is the no…

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Dial Vision

Dial Vision | $19.99

…crystal clear vision. Dial Vision, developed in Oxford, England by top optical scientists. Using the professional eye chart included, simply turn the dials to adjust each lens until your prescription is matched. You can even adjust them to become reading glasses! Dial Vision are impact resistant,…

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Brighter Viewer

Brighter Viewer | $14.95

…so much easier! No more guessing when threading needles or reading text messages. The extra-large viewing screen on Brighter View brings everything into focus. And a handy built-in LED light provides instant illumination. It's ideal for reading detailed charts, recipes or labels and can make tricky,…

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Vidalia Chop Wizard

Vidalia Chop Wizard | $19.95

…Simply place the item on top of the stainless steel blade grate and with one swift motion, swing the top lid down. All your chopped veggies and fruit are sent cleanly into the clear compartment underneath. Stand it on its side, and it works as a measuring cup with marks up to 2 cups. Blades never…

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My Fun Fish Tank

My Fun Fish Tank | $14.95

…Fun Fish Tank is always crystal clear and provides your fish with a happy, healthy home. My Fun Fish Tank as seen on TV will captivate your familys imagination with an incredible water world. My Fun Fish Tank any room into an under-water world of discovery. Include My Fun Fish Tank, 1 white LED…

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Healthy Chef Baking Mat

Healthy Chef Baking Mat | $12.95

Healthy Chef Baking Mat is a non-stick raised silicone mat which has 351 raised contours which allow fat and grease drain to the bottom giving crisp results. The Healthy Chef Baking Mat allows air to circulate, so food never comes in contact with the bottom of the pan and is cooked evenly. The…

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My Spy Birdhouse - Peek Into The World Of Birds

My Spy Birdhouse - Peek Into The World Of Birds | $14.95

…It also features a front perch for birds to rest on. It even comes with an indoor hang privacy curtain. My Spy Birdhouse is the perfect window into the secret life of birds Includes: Birdhouse, Perch, 1 hole insert, 1 hole insert, 4 suction cups, two-way mirror film and curtain card. 4 x 6 x…

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Provita Nutrition Maximizer Blender

Provita Nutrition Maximizer Blender | $44.95

…fruits and vegetables into the most absorptive state, giving your body the vitamins and nutrients it may need to help fight and prevent chronic conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and bloods sugar. Now its easy to get all your fruits and veggies and supercharge your…

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Home Spa Bath Pillow

Home Spa Bath Pillow | $29.95

…Pillow provides comfort for your neck and back turning your bath into a more relaxing experience. The open-air fiber of the Bath Pillow as seen on TV allows air and moisture to through for excellent ventilation and optimal hygiene. Provides healthy relaxation in the bathtub without the odor of foam…

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